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Adult classes are open to people ages 13 and older. By registering for a class it is assumed you have read and agree to the Lounge's Registration and Cancellation Policies.














Book half hour sessions with professional designer and pattern maker Louise Molin. She'll be at the Lounge from 6 - 8 on the second Thursday of the month to adjust patterns, fit test garments, make style changes to existing patterns or help you with whatever fitting and pattern issues you may have.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Times: April 9 from 6 - 6:30 (booked), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
May 14 from 6 - 6:30 (booked), 6:30 - 7 (open) 7 - 7:30 (open) and 7:30 - 8 (open)
Cost $35/half hour
Instructor: Louise Molin











Join Smart Women™ and Sewing Lounge owners Julie Hellwich and Maggy Schneider for a fun afternoon of making pincushions from Smart Women™ fabrics. For novice stitchers there will be a brief tutorial on how to use a sewing machine. Then everyone will launch into a very creative world, choosing from fabric and embellishment options to make a pincushion that reflects their unique personality.

Minimum Skill Level: Beginner
Time: February 7 from noon - 4 (6 openings)
Cost: $53 includes all supplies
Instructors: Julie and Maggy










•All classes will be held at Sewing Lounge. Most maximum class sizes are six students so everyone gets lots of individual attention. Three is the minimum number of students required for most classes to run.

•If you don’t see what you are looking for or the time a class is offered doesn't work with your schedule inquire about private lessons.

•Skill levels indicates the minimum skill required to take a class and are as follows:
Beginner - You are a clean slate
Beginner Plus - You can operate a machine but need to learn skills and build
confidence. Commercial patterns seem confusing.
Advanced Beginner - you can operate a sewing machine, know some basic terms
like grain line and seam allowance and can sort of navigate pattern instructions and
yardage information.
Intermediate - You are halfway there. No longer a beginner but not yet totally
accomplished and feel you’d benefit from some guidance.
Incredible - You are a self-sufficient stitcher and can handle complexity in

•Class and workshop fees cover the times a class or workshop is scheduled and are non-refundable unless the class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. If you miss a class and would like to make it up you can schedule a private lesson with the instructor which will be subject to their rates.

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All Ages and Skill Levels


If you have never operated a sewing machine, your skills are rusty beyond belief or you've just switched from a mechanical to a computerized machine this may be the class for you. Learn the parts and functions of your machine and become confident in your ability to operate it. You will leave class with your first project, a lined drawstring pouch. (There are a lot of basic sewing techniques in this little project that you can apply to future sewing endeavors.) If you don't have a machine you can use a Lounge machine at no extra charge. Fee includes supplies.

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: from noon - 4 on
May 30 (full)
Cost: $53
Instructor: Maggy



Own a serger but forgot how to set it up and use it? Intimidated by all those threads, tension dials, needles and "looper thingies"? Then this is the class for you!
Students will learn how to thread their serger for basic three and four thread over-lock stitch applications. We will review basic machine operation so you know if a problem is operator error or the machine. You will learn helpful tips and develop skills to make serging a successful, efficient and stress free activity. We will discuss what threads can be used and which needles are most effective for the task at hand. We will also review the various stitch configurations that sergers can do.
Students need their own three or four thread serger (in good operating condition). A supply list will be provided when you register.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Time: February 26 from 6 - 9 (3 openings)
Cost: $36
Instructor: Steve Pauling












Maximize the use of your serger. Now that you can sew a basic 3 or 4 thread overlock stitch on your serger, what else can you do with it? This class will introduce you to making 2 and 3-thread rolled hems, narrow and wide flat-lock joins plus a review of needle types and sizes for using various stitch applications and fabric on your serger. With these skills students will be able to make projects with professional looking satin/serged edges, beautiful flowing rolled hems on light silk scarves and commercial type flat-lock seams on knits, jersey, lycra and other stretch fabrics. Students need their own three or four thread serger (in good operating condition). A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Time: March 5 from 6 - 9 (5 openings)
Cost: $36
Instructor: Steve Pauling





A fine shirt is a classic dress shirt that is made using the traditional methods of fine tailors around the world. Students will take a typical shirt pattern and elevate construction methods to the highest level, substituting techniques used to assemble the most equities custom-made dress shirts for the written instructions included with the pattern. The techniques you learn in this class can be applied to other types of clothing thus enhancing your garment construction skills. A supply list will be sent upon registration. Please note the following:

•This is an intensive workshop; additional work might be required outside of workshop hours to complete a fine shirt.
•Students must use an appropriate instructor-approved pattern which they will alter to accommodate the fine tailoring techniques taught in the workshop.
•Students must be able to sew precisely, understand garment construction, be familiar with reading a pattern and adjusting machine tension.

Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: Friday January 30th from 4 - 8, Saturday January 31st from 9 - 5 and Sunday February 1st from 10 - 4 (6 total openings, 3 remain)
Cost: $216
Instructor: Steve Pauling














a special "combo-class"

Frustrated with unwanted thread loops, stitches so tight the fabric puckers, threads breaking, unbalanced stitches or those nasty nests of knotted thread? Or maybe you're overwhelmed with the options of what to do, or just don't know where to even begin, in addressing the tension issue. This class will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to master machine tension. You'll learn about the major different factors that can affect tension and how to compensate for them.
Once we've mastered tension we'll apply our new skills and knowledge to working with all those tricky and challenging specialty threads like metallics, woolies, stretch, embroidery, top stitching, monofilament, invisible, upholstery and even knitting yarn and perl cotton! Learn the technical skill in how to use them and which ones work better than others as well as specialty needles and their applications
This special combo class will make sewing a more enjoyable and productive experience for you and offer a whole new world of creativity and expression for your sewing projects.
This is a hands-on workshop so bring your machine (in good working condition). A materials list will be sent when you register. There is also a $12 supply fee payable to the instructor on the day of class. We'll break for lunch and there is a refrigerator and microwave for your use.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Time: February 21 from 10 - 4 (4 openings)
Cost: $60
Instructor: Steve Pauling
















Commonly called Flat Pattern these are the techniques for making garments using your five basic pattern pieces. Draping Your Personal Pattern is highly recommended prior to this class
.A supply list will be sent upon registration.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Time: March 17, 24 and 31 from 6 - 8 (6 total openings, none remain)
Cost: $72
Instructor: Georgia Ramin


In Georgia Ramin's draping and pattern making classes students learn the relationship between two and three dimensions.


Gain understanding of how a three dimensional drape becomes a two dimensional pattern. Under the guidance of an industry expert and working in pairs students will learn to drape a basic pattern for their own body. This drape will then be deconstructed and transferred to oak tag. Everyone will leave class with a basic pattern (bodice, sleeve and skirt) that fits them. These five pattern pieces are your slopers and are used to create any garment. And that is the subject of the subsequent class! A supply list will be sent upon registration.

Minimum Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Time: February 10, 17 and 24 from 6 - 8 (6 total openings, 1 opening)
Cost: $72
Instructor: Georgia Ramin







A basic pattern correctly fit to your figure is an invaluable tool for adjusting commercial patterns.
This class will focus on the bodice and consists of three sessions.

Session I. Measuring
The first step is to be properly measured and requires 15 minutes of your time. Once all the numbers have been gathered Louise will return to her studio and draft a custom bodice pattern for each participant. These can be picked up one week later at the Lounge giving you another week to sew a test of your bodice before returning for the next session.

Session II. Fitting
In half hour appointments each student will have their test bodice fit. Any changes will be transferred to their patterns.

Session III. Demonstration
Everyone returns with their basic bodice pattern and a commercial pattern that needs to be adjusted. Louise will demonstrate how each student will use their new "fitting tool" to adjust a commercial pattern. Since everyone will be present for the last session there is sure to be vicarious learning as you watch how your classmate's patterns are changed.

Please note: For the first two sessions it is important that you wear the same good foundation garments typical of what you intend to wear under your soon-to-be-adjusted patterns.

Minimum Skill Level: Intermediate
Times: Session I. March 7 from 10 - 10:15 (booked), 10:15 - 10:30 (booked), 10:30 - 10:45 (booked), 10:45 - 11 (booked), 11 - 11:15 (booked) and 11:15 - 11:30 (booked)
Session II. March 21 from 10 - 10:30 (booked), 10:30 - 11 (booked), 11- 11:30 (booked), 11:30 - 12 (bookd), 12 - 12:30 (booked) and 12:30 - 1 (booked)
Session III. March 28 from 10:00 - 1:00 (6 total openings, Full)
Cost: $110
Instructor: Louise Molin





Susan came to Fitting Support with a mockup of the jacket she wanted to sew along with the fabric she planned to make it up in. Louise fit the mockup and transferred the changes to Susan's pattern. The final result was a spectacular success!
















Jump-start your creative process using fun journaling techniques! In this class, you will explore different journaling tools that will help you tap into and expand your creativity, whatever your creative endeavor (for instance, sewing, knitting, writing, painting). These techniques, ranging from quick writing sprints to visual exercises, can be mastered quickly and used extensively. Plenty of time will be given for hands-on writing. Find out how journaling can take your creative work to places you never imagined!

Open to all skill levels
Times: March 17 from 10 - noon (3 openings)
Cost: $24
Instructor: Brenda Hudson





























Sometimes you just need to see how something is done to take away the mystery of how great results are achieved. Demonstrations will begin at 6:30 and last for a half hour or less on specified Thursdays. Discussion afterwards is encouraged.
January 22 - Darts, January 29 - Invisible Zipper, February 5 - Neck Facing,
February 19 - Setting in Sleeves, March 19 - Perfect Pivot Points

Skill Level: All
Time: 6:30
No Charge
Demonstrator: Maggy









We've all struggled with them and perused books in vain, now Ella Ramsey will demonstrate her fool proof way to do a hand rolled hem. Bring fabric from your stash or buy some at the Lounge and create a fabulously finished scarf!

Skill Level: Beginner
Time: February 14 from 10 - noon (5 openings)
Cost: $24
Instructor: Ella Ramsey



Learn Improvisational Bead Embroidery. The idea is to work without a pattern or design, often without a plan for the outcome. Everything -- thread, beads, and fabric -- are selected because you love them. Of course you can totally plan your project but initially it helps creativity to flow if you improvise. We'll cover the basics for beginners: Different methods for attaching beads, buttons and sequins plus some edgings and fringes and then you'll be ready to start the project of your choice. A garment, purse, pouch, doll, book cover or pillow are merely suggestions for what you might like to embellish. A supply list will be sent when you register. This is like journaling with beads and the results may astonish you!

Skill Level: All
Time: March 7 from 1 - 4 (full)
Cost: $36
Instructor: Maggy






















This is initially how Sewing Lounge came to be -- I wanted to offer sewers a resource for sewing support. If you can't figure out a sewing project I offer professional guidance. If you need the use of a regular sewing machine or an overlock or industrial machine there are a fleet of them! Straight lines with some embroidery capabilities, home overlocks, 3 industrial straight lines with buttonhole and binding attachments, an industrial serger, coverstich and blind hemmer all at your disposal. Sewing camaraderie is also be a nice way to spend productive leisure time, sometimes presenting the opportunity to learn vicariously.

Prerequisite: You must know how to operate a sewing machine

Times: Whenever the Calendar says "Store Hours" and nothing else is scheduled. Check the Calendar for exact dates and availability
Cost: $12/hour
Instructor: Maggy











Students are welcome to use Lounge machines at no extra charge
and receive 20% off fabric and sewing supplies